Pet Poop Scoop

$29.95 $59.95

Nobody Likes The Warm Feeling After Your Dog Handles Their Business

All dog owners know this feeling, a nice warm present left from your best friend. It is a yucky feeling and nobody likes it. Some may not mind it, but nobody likes it and it is very unsanitary. This is why we created the Pet Poop Scoop. A 2 in 1 item which holds the poop bags, and will pick up poop easily and effectively.

Easily Portable

The Pet Poop Scoop is lightweight, small, and can clip onto leashes! Clip it on the leash after you dispose of the presents left by your dog and you won't have to worry about where it is or if you brought bags!

The backside has an extendable silicon cup like compartment so no matter the size you can get all of it in one scoop! Extremely simple to use, and very convenient. In regards to which size is best suitable for you we recommend the Small size for dogs up to 50 Pounds and the Large size for dogs that are heavier than 50 Pounds. Our Poop Scoop comes with over 50 bags for your convenience!