100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

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The key to good relationships is creating lasting memories

You and your significant other can do the same boring things every weekend - Netflix, dinner, or just lounging. We understand that even the best relationships can begin to feel stale as we settle into routines in relationships.

That's why we created the 100 Dates poster - to provide unique, fun date ideas that bring excitement and vitality. Our poster also helps you track your new, wonderful memories, so that you and your significant other can reflect and bond over your newly invigorated relationship!

We talked to dozens of couples, and the majority of them stated that they would like to know the date in order to plan for it, thus the names are uncovered. Imagine living in a rural town and scratching off "go to the zoo" but there's no zoo nearby! Our poster functions as a date tracker and idea generator.

❤️ A DATE FOR EVERY MOOD - our poster is full of fun, cute couples activities - from chill stay-at-home date nights to adventurous, exciting life-changing experiences.

pleasantly surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband! We'll help you create amazing, unforgettable experiences unique to your relationship!

every date has a unique, colorful illustration. As you scratch off the dates, every illustration is revealed, revealing exciting new dates & possibilities!

with thousands of posters shipped to satisfied customers worldwide, we are experienced in delivering our unique scratch-off posters.  This poster fits an A2 size frame, 16.5” x 23.4”.

Dimensions: 42 x 59.4 cm | 16.5 x 23.4 in



Why are the dates' names uncovered? This ruins the surprise!
We talked to dozens of couples about this, and found that largely, couples wish to be able to plan their dates. "Event" dates (i.e. anything requiring leaving the house and going somewhere) generally require planning. Couples don't want to scratch off a square and realize that the date is logistically difficult to go on (too far, not available nearby, etc. are all potential problems). It wouldn't be fun to have a date scratched off, but to have never gone on the date!

How long does shipping take?
Around 2 weeks, generally. Due to ongoing COVID restrictions and recent labor shortages in global supply chains and transit infrastructure, shipments can sometimes be delayed. This is especially true with local couriers.

We ship internationally. All orders also come with a tracking number. 

Can I buy the 100 Dates poster elsewhere?
We are the exclusive distributor of the 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster, and only sell it on our website, direct to you, to keep prices as low as possible :)

Does it come with a frame?
We do not provide a frame, as this would cause logistical difficulties and likely slow down customers' shipments. If you would like a frame, we recommend an A2 size frame.

What's in the box?
Every order comes with 1 poster, a scratch-off pick, and a decorated giftbox :)